Championship set after extended 2nd round

The 2nd round of the playoffs in the 2019 season will go down as the longest of rounds in league history. From games that went into double overtime to a game that was suspended due to a power outage.

The West Texas Pride and West Texas Lions fought through a double overtime as the Pride advanced in the Northern Conference.

The Texas Xtreme tried to hold off the Ducks as Houston won, 14-12. And the North Texas Stampede defeated the Dallas Vikings, 26-14.

The game suspended was the Austin Vipers versus the Victoria Hurricanes game. As the game kicked off in Victoria, the electricity to the stadium and 3/4 of the city went out. The game was originally rescheduled for the next day at 5 PM. After much debate, the game continued the following Saturday on the 15th with the Hurricanes leading 6-0 at halftime.

The Vipers came prepared and won in a thriller, 14-12.

Later on that day, they traveled to play the defending champion Ducks. With little time to rest, the Vipers fell to the Ducks, 30-20.

The North Texas Stampede defeated the Pride, 49-25. The win sends the Stampede against the Houston Ducks for the right to hoist the CRAFL Bowl IX trophy.

Stay tuned to on more on the CRAFL Bowl.

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