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This page is for forms that need to be downloaded for use by league and team officials.

CRAFL Player Contract - The only official CRAFL contract that will be accepted by the league. __Download

CRAFL Incident Form- Please use this form to report any problem or violations regarding teams, players, or officials. Video evidence is expected to be utilized. Having video expedites the process in an efficient manner.__Download

CRAFL Fan Conduct Policy- This form is for your protection. Fill out the team name, make copies, laminate them, and post them around your stadium particularly your ticket booth, concession stand, and restrooms. __Download

CRAFL Release Form- To be used for when a player wants to move to another team. This form must be on file with the league before a contract with another organization is signed. If a player is just released and does not want to continue to play, form is not needed unless he decides to rejoin the game for another team. This form CANNOT be used after rosters are frozen unless there circumstances out their control i.e. a move from a job. CRAFL Management will review each case and decide if the release is granted. After the decision is made, it is final and not up to appeal. __Download

Roster Template (Excel file)- This is the roster template that you can download so you can send the roster to the league. You can also use this for your announcers, media, trading rosters with your opponent, and also for your own reference.__Download